Why do you need 5 star rated BLDC fan?
5 star rated bldc ceiling fan.

To educate people about the need to reduce power consumption and help them to make a wise decision, BEE has introduced a system of star rating. Star ratings essentially indicate the degree of efficiency of an appliance. According to these ratings, a 5-star rating would mean the most energy efficient, whereas a 1-star rating would be the least efficient. For some equipment like Air Conditioners,geysers,pumps and Ceiling fan BEE is making star rating mandatory.

Many People in india still using their 10-15 Years old ceiling fans. As a result, these fans become energy hoggers, adding to the electricity bills. A 15-year-old fan can consume up to 100-200W which is almost equivalent to that of a small sized refrigerator.

When it comes to fans, the star rating is calculated by their service value. 

What is service Value?

Service Value of a fan is the sum that we get after dividing the air delivery (in cubic meter/minute) by its power consumption. For example, if a fan gives air delivery of 220 CMM while consuming 75 Watts, its service value will be:

220/75 = 2.9

Any fan with a service value greater than six is given a 5-star rating as per current standards.

The Primary difference between normal fan and bldc fan is power consumption.normal fan consumes 75 watts and gives 200 – 215 CMM of air flow while BLDC Fan consumes 35watts at max speed and gives 230CMM of air flow.

BLDC fans also have better power factor nearly about 0.99 and very less heating.on over voltage and low voltage this fans won’t burnt just because of it’s controller protection.

EESL’s Initiative

BEE and EESL have been waging war for the last few years to bring down the power consumption of appliances, and so far the results have been impressive. After a mass initiative by BEE to reduce power consumption by changing old bulbs/ tube lights with energy efficient LED bulbs/ LED tube lights, the power consumption has apparently reduced by ~41,500 MW (equal to Rs 80000 crores). Now, EESL has started mass distribution of Energy Efficient BEE certified 1 Star fans to consumers ( 50-55 watt fans) at a subsidized rate.

Best BLDC Fan with High Airflow.

Rotex Industries is the first company to provied 6-inch broad blades in BLDC Fan that makes them better than any fan available in the market.However,Rotex fans gives high Airflow at lower voltages becuase it’s power supply tuned for working wide voltage range (90-300v). Rotex fans comes with a LED Light and smart remote and with advanced features like smart mode, boost mode, reverse mode and timer mode to make your resting experience more convenient and comfortable.

so whenever you go next to purchase a new fan for your place make sure you Purchase 5 star rated BLDC Fan, preferably a Rotex Fan!

More Air, Less Power

20 February 2024

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