Remote Ceiling Fans is a need

Everything in your home has a remote like TV, AC, your car, even your switch board then why not an Remote controlled Ceiling fan.

On top of enabling the control of the ceiling fan without moving out of the bed, there are other advantages, it is more than a convenience.

Save Money and Power:

A normal ceiling fan is always bought along with a regulator that controls the fan and comes with capacitor that startes the fan. The regulator is bought separately and usually made to match the switches in the room that costs you more. These regulators are prone to failure, in very less cases comes with warranty and cost significantly. With remote ceiling fans, the regulator device is eliminated and also no need to use capacitors and also rated with BEE 5 star ratings, saving space on the wall and one less device that can fail.

Comfort and Reliability:

In regulators, the speed settings are discrete and limited to 5 steps and also this regulators generally failed within a year or two, hence the user cannot optimally set the airflow as required and also waste money an time. In Rotex BLDC remote ceiling fans, the speed can be controlled upto 7 speeds and you also do not need capacitors and regulators. This results in the fan delivering the desired comfort and also avoids wasting unnecessary energy and money.

More Air, Less Power.

23 February 2024
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