Myths About BLDC Ceiling Fans : Do You Really Know?

Ceiling fans are the primary needed appliance in India. Ceiling fans may seem like a simple concept, but like everything else in the world, there are some myths. Here are some common misconceptions and myths about ceiling fans.

BLDC Super Energy-Efficient Fans Deliver Less Air

NO! Rotex BLDC Fan delivers the same 230 CMM as any other 1200mm ceiling fan but consumes only 35 W (56% lesser power consumption).  This seed of misconception was sewn by low-quality energy efficient BLDC ceiling fans designed by large brands.

Yes! The efficiency of a fan tells you how well it is performing. Rotex Fan is super energy efficient and 5 stars rated, which means it moves more air for one watt. We mention the airflow and the energy rating of the fan on the BEE Label.

The Efficiency Of The Fan Decreases With Time

Yes, as the life of ceiling fans increases, its efficiency decreases.This is because of the wear and tear of the mechanical parts like bearings and electrical components like capacitors. A regular fan that consumes 75W normally consumes up to 10% more after some hours of working and 30% more when it ages. but this dosen’t apply to Rotex BLDC Fans, as it won’t heat after long hours of running but power consumption may increase about the same 5% as it ages.  We can expect the same to any Rotex BLDC fans.

Anti-dust Ceiling Fans!

There is no perfect anti-dust fan in the market. The anti-dust coating reduces the accumulation of dust but still collects dust like any other fan. It is just a marketing gimmick used by many big brands in the fan industry. As Rotex Fans is a technology company, we are working on finding a reliable solution for dust-free solution that really works.

BLDC Fan Is Repairable?

Yes! BLDC Fan is Repairable. as we Rotex Fans and many other big companies have never observed even one motor-coil burning in BLDC Fan. The only failure in a BLDC fan would be the electronics, which is easily replaceable.

It is that at a lower speed, BLDC fans consume lesser power. For instance, Rotex Fan consumes only 9W at speed 3 which is equal to small led lamp while the regular fans consume 30 W at speed 3.

High speed means High Air flow!

No! High speed fans not always give high only generates more noice that makes you belive that it is circulating more air. Air-flow depends on the fan blade design. if it is optimised to circulate air flow then it will flow more air even at lower speed.

Rotex fans comes with broad blades. That gives you more Air-flow even at low speeds and consumes only 35 Watts at full speed to give an 230CMM of Air-flow.

More Air, Less Power.

22 February 2024
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